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Dirty Myrtle Mud Run

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Do you like to run? Or maybe you just like to run a fun 5K occasionally. Well the Dirty Myrtle Mud Run is right up any runner’s alley! Wear an outfit you don’t care about, tie up your laces and get ready to get down and dirty.

The race is May 24th and the course begins at Waterbridge in Carolina Forest, the starting gun shot will be signaled at 9:00 a.m. You have the opportunity to sign up as a team, so get your friends and family together and bring your support group right into the fray with you. There is also an individual and child sign up available. Register your four person team on or before May 22nd and pay an application fee of $200, register on race day and pay the team fee of $200. Register yourself on or before May 22nd and pay $55, register on race day and pay $60. Kid’s registration fee is $20 no matter when signed up and it comes with a t-shirt, dog tag and access to the kid’s course.

The Mud Run course is an intense, obstacle filled three miles. The course contains approximately 28 obstacles you or you and your team must maneuver to get to the finish line successfully. If anyone doesn’t feel as though they can complete the obstacle safely, they can opt out and be docked a penalty of one to three minutes added onto their finishing time.

Some of the obstacles include the Dirty Ballerina, Grinders, Barbed Wire Ditch Crawl, and the Tire Pendulum. The Dirty Ballerina involves jumping over mud pits, the Grinders are going over and under wooden beams, the Barbed Wire Ditch Crawl, is you guessed it, doing the army crawl on your belly in a shallow, wet ditch under barbed wire, and the Tire Pendulum is navigating through swinging tires.

The Dirty Myrtle Kid’s Run is approximately one mile and is a simpler course with some of the same obstacles, only more mild, to make sure everyone stays safe and has fun!

Schedule of Events:

Males 9:00 a.m.

Females 9:20 a.m. 

Male Teams 9:40 a.m.

Co-Ed Teams 10 a.m.

Female Teams 10:20 a.m.

Kid's Races 11 a.m.



1st Place ; 2nd Place ; 3rd Place


1st Place ; 2nd Place ; 3rd Place


Male Team

1st Place ; 2nd Place ; 3rd Place

Female Team

1st Place ; 2nd Place ; 3rd Place

CO-ED Team

1st Place ; 2nd Place ; 3rd Place





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