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Dreaming of the Hotel Swim Up Bar?

By Hotel Blue
The hotel swim up bar is very popular among the patrons the resorts which feature them. As many vacation pictures on the Internet attest, tourists are attracted to the possibility of going to a bar, ordering a drink and enjoying it right in the pool. They flock to it. In fact, many people leave with the desire to install their own at home. And indeed, many people nowadays would like to have a swim up bar installed in their backyard pool. However, having one installed may be difficult and costly. For example, the swimming pool needs to be large enough, so that the bar doesn’t take up a lot of the actual swimming place. The drainage system of the pool also plays a part and many times the entire electrical wiring of the pool may have to be designed with the installation of the swim-up bar in mind. Hygiene and safety are also major concerns. This is why many swim up bar lovers may prefer to book a vacation at a good resort with a swim-up bar, rather than going through the costly procedure of installing their own. Associated initially with luxurious vacations spent in the Caribbean, swim up bars have become increasingly common in all sorts of tourist destinations. Nevertheless, there are swim up bars and then there are swim up bars! For example, the most liked swim up bars are the ones that are surrounded by in-water stools. Such hotel swim up bars are especially designed and allow swimmers to enjoy a cocktail and a chat, rest their bodies and soak up the sun, all without even leaving the pool. And of course, being able to have a cocktail at a hotel swim up bar is a superior experience to swimming in a typical resort pool where swimmers are warned that drinks may not be had in the water. So popular are swim up bars that some people are willing to go through a great deal of trouble for receiving a drink in the water. Reuters’s Oddly Enough Blog published the story of a tourist who was initially very baffled that after requesting drinks from the swim up bar in the lake where he was bathing, bartender’s removed the glasses not 30 seconds after they had been placed them in front of him. He was also hit with long poles upon placing each new order. As it turned out, the swim up bar lover was bathing in the waters of the resort at the same time a long-distance swimming competition was taking place. The swim up bar? A feeding station for swimmers, in fact! Luckily, most hotel swim up bars will offer their guests a much more peaceful and relaxing experience. Whether looking to quench their thirst after a long swim in the afternoon or enjoy a romantic moment in the pool at night, guests find that a cocktail at the hotel swim up bar is just what they needed!

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