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Guide to the Ultimate Beach Family Resort Vacation

By Hotel Blue
Well, it’s summer time, and you know what that means: the kids are back from school, the sun is out, and everyone’s mind is on one thing: vacation! Well, families once again are migrating to the beaches, and big time. Mark Harrison of The Times-Journal reports that families aren’t changing their plans to go on vacation to the beach this summer, despite high gas prices and recent oil spills. All across America, families are looking to find the perfect resort vacation, with just the right amount of sun and fun. A beach family resort is a great getaway for families of all kinds, whether with young children, older children, or no children at all! Resort destinations across the country, from Florida to California, and abroad, lure hundreds of vacationing families every year. This time, when going out for sun and fun, remember a few important safety tips: always bring SPF 30 or better, and reapply sunscreen every two hours or after going in the water. You might think sitting in the shade will protect you, but the shade blocks less than 40% of UV rays – that means you’re still getting 60% burned! Babies and young children especially should apply lots of sunscreen, as very young skin can be especially sensitive to burns. Nothing wrong with a healthy glow, but sunburns are just un-a-peeling! When it comes to choosing resorts, you can’t go wrong. There are a wide variety of luxury resorts available on both coasts and on island getaways. And even brand names resorts have drastically marked down prices to attract newcomers this year. Take advantage of the economic downturn and squeeze a little extra luxury out of your summer vacation! Some of the best deals are booked online, so check frequently on the resort web sites, on search engines, and on professional travel sites. Cruise ships can be a great way to reach your resort destination. Don’t forget to check ahead whether your cruise is all-inclusive (so meals won’t cost you a dime extra!) and what activities are available. As much fun as you’ll have at your resort destination, on a cruise vacation much of the time will be aboard ship, so choose wisely. And while you’re at the beach, you might try a few beach sports, like beach volleyball or windsurfing. Windsurfing, a fun hybrid of sailing and surfing, can be safe and fun for kids as young as twelve. It’s both a challenge of skill and stamina, especially when the wind picks up, and great exercise for any age. With its “cowabunga” style and high-speeds, windsurfing can be addictive fun. Beach volleyball can also be a great sport for the whole family. Try playing kids against adults to really bring a competitive edge! The kids will love the chance to best their parents, and the adults really get into showing the youngsters that they’ve still “got it.” So when you’re looking for sun and fun, remember: be sun-safe, book resorts and cruises wisely, and by all means, have fun out there on the beach!

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