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How to Save Money for Myrtle Beach

By Hotel Blue

So you want to come to Myrtle Beach, stay at hotel BLUE and relax in the sun but you don’t think you can afford it? Well, think again!

Saving money for your Myrtle Beach vacation is not too hard when you combine it with planning ahead.

First, book early for your trip. Get your vacation dates squared away with your work and book your room immediately. The earlier you book, the better rates you will get. You will also get to choose the room type you want without worrying about it being sold out.

After you are booked for you Myrtle Beach vacation, then it’s time to save money until your trip. Find unique and fun ways to save money. For example, if you go out and party on the weekends, have a couple of drinks before leaving your house to save some money or hit up happy hour at the bar. Or, if you usually order a soda or other drink at dinner, go for water instead. Save all this money you would have spent during these occasions in a Myrtle Beach jar or stash it away in something that will remind you of fun times to come, like a martini glass or beer mug.

Another option is to plan ahead during the holidays or around birthdays. Instead of buying each other gifts, put the money you would have spent away for your vacation. Consider your fun Myrtle Beach vacation as your gift to each other!

Once you get to Myrtle Beach there are also many ways to save money. Check out our discounts page to see all the places you can save money on while on vacation. From restaurants, to clubs, to transportation, you can easily spend your whole trip using places that take the discounts card and save money the whole time!

So, start saving for your Myrtle Beach vacation today!

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