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New Amenity: Cafe Blue Serves Starbucks Coffee

By Hotel Blue

Café BLUE opened last year as a brand new amenity for hotel BLUE guests, serving up fresh Starbucks coffee and light food options.

It’s conveniently located inside with an air conditioned café-style seating area.

Here are the top 3 reasons to visit Café Blue:

1. Refreshing: Whether you are looking for a blended pick-me-up or a caffeine-free ice cold drink, Café BLUE is the perfect place to hydrate after a long day at the beach. The café serves up both iced and blended coffees as well as coffee-free alternatives juice and tea. From frappuccinos to chocolate iced shakes to Tazo Iced Lemonade, there is a drink that will satisfy anyone’s taste buds. Who wouldn’t want a Starbucks drink to sip on by the pool?

2. Classic: If you prefer a classic hot coffee, with cream or sugar or just plain black, Café BLUE has that too! You receive your choice of tall, grande or venti full of fresh brewed Starbucks coffee. Other classic options also include espresso, cappuccino, and café latte.

3. Convenience: Café Blue is located just steps away from hotel BLUE’s outdoor pool and indoor lazy river. If the sun has you drained, all you have to do is head over to the café for your java. Café Blue is also perfect for your morning coffee routine—they’ll make it fresh for you and you can even purchase a muffin to go with it. No more having to drive to get great coffee! Plus, Café BLUE is also stocked with ice-cold beer that you can pick up on your way back to your room to enjoy on your balcony while watching the waves.

Café BLUE is open daily seasonally. It is located on the first floor, inside, near the pools. So stop by today and get your coffee drink made just for you!

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