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Salty the Friendly Shark: An Interview with hotel BLUE

By Hotel Blue
Salty the Friendly Shark: An Interview with hotel BLUE

While staying at hotel BLUE during the summer you may notice a large, blue friendly shark making his way around the pool. He is our friendly shark, Salty and he makes his rounds at four local resorts, including ours, during the summer.
We sat down with Salty recently to learn a little bit more about him and why he likes hotel BLUE.

hotel BLUE: Thanks so much for meeting with us Salty! We know you have a lot of people to still meet today, so we won’t keep you very long.

Salty the Shark: That’s ok, I love doing interviews!

HB: When did you start coming to hotel BLUE?

SS: I started coming to hotel BLUE a couple of years ago. I also go to Captain’s Quarters on the days that I am here.

HB: What do you like to do while you are visiting hotel BLUE?

SS: I like to stop by the MIXX swim-up pool bar and get a non-alcoholic strawberry daiquiri from Chris the bartender. I also like to meet all the people who are hanging out by the pool. Sometimes there is a DJ there and I like to dance!

HB: Outside of visiting the resorts, what do you like to do in your free time?

SS: I really like to dance and swim. And doing both together is really fun! My mom laughs at me when I try to dance while I swim, but I think I am starting a new trend.

HB: That must look very interesting. We have also seen you visiting Café Blue, what do you like about going there?

SS: I really like that they can make all sorts of different drinks. I like different ones based on my mood. When I am tired, I like an iced coffee to wake me up. But when I am sleepy I like to get some tea. They have something for everyone!

HB: They even let you try to make some drinks didn’t they?

SS: Yes they did! It was really fun to learn how to make some Starbucks drinks. It takes a lot of talent to make them taste good! The baristas do a really good job!

HB: Thank you for sitting down with us Salty, we hope to see you again soon!

SS: Thank you hotel BLUE!

You can see Salty’s pictures from hotel BLUE here or like his Facebook page.

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