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Staff Interview: Chris Willis

By Hotel Blue

When you visit hotel BLUE you will likely meet Chris Willis: one of our most popular bartenders who makes some of the best drinks at our MIXX swim-up pool bar. Whether you want something blended or on the rocks, Chris will serve up your drink with a smile and make your vacation in Myrtle Beach even more memorable.

We sat down recently with Chris to learn a little bit more about him:

hotel BLUE: Where are you originally from?
Chris Willis: Originally from western Maryland...a little town in the mountains called Cumberland.

HB: When did you move to Myrtle Beach?
CW: I moved here to the beach in 1995.

HB: When did you first start working at hotel BLUE?
CW: Started with Hotel Blue March of last year. One of my regulars at a bar I was working in told me he thought I would really like working at MIXX and thought I would be a good fit. He was right.

HB: How did you get into bartending originally?
CW: It's funny. I started hanging out in bars when I was young and always admired the bartenders...they worked hard but always seemed to be having fun. They got the party going and kept it going, and they were always in the middle of everything! Be careful what you wish for I guess...I never thought I’d be a career bartender but here I am, 18 years later and still slinging drinks!

HB: What’s your favorite part of working at MIXX?
CW: That's a tough question...there's truthfully nothing I don't like about working at MIXX. You can't beat the view from my "office". Seriously, fresh air, sunshine, bikinis, and great people both employees of the hotel and guests make for a great work environment.

HB: What’s your favorite drink to make?
CW: I'm going to have to go with the Voodoo Bucket. The guest reaction when I pour it, and the reaction when they taste it always gives me a lot of satisfaction. Every bartender makes it a little different...but mine’s the best!!!  

HB: You are very popular; probably the most mentioned employee on our Facebook page. You must really enjoy interacting with the guests?
CW: That's a huge compliment. Thanks everybody! I love interacting with the guests. I meet so many interesting people and helping them have fun and make vacation memories is awesome. I love the satisfaction I get when someone tells me they've had a lot of fun with me and I helped them to have the best vacation they've ever had! 

HB: Why should people come and party at Therapy?
CW: You should come and party with us at our Therapy parties because it’s a very unique experience for Myrtle Beach.  We are a fun hotel, with a partying crowd and we give adults the chance to let their hair down and party like rockstars so to speak. Where else can you dance on the bar, have a couple drinks, dance like you're in a nightclub, and get a tan at the same time? 

HB: What do you like to do in your free time?
CW: I'm kind of low key when I'm not at work. I have a three year old son named Emerson who I love more than life itself and I spend as much time with as I can.  Time with little man just makes me happier than anything. When I don't have him, I like to take my dog Laya out on the river in the boat, ride around with the top off the jeep, and I've been known to chill with friends and have beer or two on occasion! Concerts are good every so often, and I love to fire up the grill any time I have the chance. 

HB: What’s your favorite drink to enjoy?
CW: I'm going to have to say that I've met very few beers I didn't like, I love a good Bloody Mary (but hate a bad one), and I'm a big fan of the new Firefly Apple Pie Moonshine that's made in Charleston, South Carolina.

HB: Anything else you’d like to add?
CW: I just want to thank everyone for hanging out at MIXX with me.  I hope ya'all will come see me soon and I've got to put a big thank you out there for helping me and letting me live the dream!

Thanks for talking with us Chris!

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