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Tips to be able to have a drink and eat your cookie too

By Hotel Blue

When the holidays come around there is always a lot of holiday parties and get-togethers that ultimately involve food and drinks. We know that you’ll want to have a cookie and other delicious snacks with your drink so here are a few suggestions to get the most out of your holiday drink without overloading on the calories.

• As far as mixers go, try to choose mixers that have a lower calorie count to keep the overall drink total calories down. Some of the lower calorie mixers include diet sodas, unsweet tea, coffee (black), diet juice or tomato juice. Starting with a low calorie base will help you create a great low calorie drink.
• If you can, avoid using regular soda, juice, and whole milk in your cocktail as well as mixes as they are often high in sugar and will not help you make a low calorie drink.
• If you are drinking beer, stick to the lite beers (if the taste doesn’t bother you) and you can save about 50 calories per bottle with this low calorie drink.
• A glass of wine will generally have less calories and carbohydrates than a regular beer.
• The higher the proof in hard liquor, the more calories you will get.
• Some of the higher caloric liquors and liqueurs include Everclear, Bacardi 151, Amaretto and Triple Sec, and Jagermeister. These shouldn’t be included in your low calorie drink!
• Some of the lower caloric ones include Extra Dry Vermouth, Malibu, Peach Shnapps, and most 80 proof liquors will run you under 100 calories per shot.

And, if you are going to be in Myrtle Beach on vacation this holiday season, these tips can come in handy when you out to dinner, at a party or at the club. Follow these suggestions and you can have your cookie too.

Also, remember to not ruin your holiday by drinking and driving. Find a friend who wants to DD or you can always give Rock Star Cab a call to pick you up or drop you off (they’re great and know their way around and you’ll get 20% off just by showing your VMB Card).  Our staff is always willing to help you call for a ride if you need one. Enjoy your vacation safely and  happy drinking!

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