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Live Music at Margaritaville

Location: Margaritaville at Broadway at the Beach

All Live music starts at 8 p.m.

Aug. 1: Stevie Woodward

Aug. 2: Mike O'Donnell

Aug. 3: Matt Parker

Aug. 4: Shawn Brown

Aug. 5: Jimm Mowery

Aug. 6: Cornbread

Aug. 7: Stevie Woodward

Aug. 8: Super Regge Man

Aug. 9: McCoy Trio

Aug. 10: McCoy Trio

Aug. 11: Shaywise

Aug. 12: Tim Peterman

Aug. 13: Paul Grimshaw

Aug. 14: Stevie Woodward

Aug. 15: Paul Grimshaw

Aug. 16: Super Reggie Man

Aug. 17: Potato Heads

Aug. 18: Paul Grimshaw

Aug. 19: Ed Torres

Aug. 20: ClayCrotts

Aug. 21: Paul Grimshaw

Aug. 22: Jimmy Mowery

Aug. 23: McCoy Trio

Aug. 24: Cornbread

Aug. 25: Shaywise

Aug. 26: Tim Peterman

Aug. 27: Paul Grimshaw

Aug. 28: Ed Torres

Aug. 29: Super Reggie Man

Aug. 30: Mike McCoy

Aug. 31: McCoy Trio


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