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Come Visit Salty the Shark at Hotel Blue!

The story of Salty – the Friendliest Shark by the Sea!

It was a warm summer night with a full moon above and Salty was lazily swimming in the ocean. He had not a worry in the world when all of a sudden a red glow caught his eye. He wondered what it could be, so he decided to swim a little closer. He poked his head out just above the wave and to his amazement, there was a celebration happening on shore. Being very curious, Salty made his way out of the water onto the beach to see what it was. It was a poolside DJ family party!

Salty decided to stay and play at this fabulous oceanfront resort. He danced to the poolside music, floated around the pool, and played all day long. WOW!! Hotel Blue was so much fun!!

After such an enjoyable night he knew he had to go back home, but not before letting his new friends at Hotel Blue know how much fun he had. He could barely wait to tell his friends Tiki the bird and Sharkee the shark about his new adventure. On his next visit, Salty is going to bring his friends for LOTS of playing, playing, playing in the sun, sun, sun!!

The friendliest shark by the sea had found his new destination of choice for Fun in the Sun!! Salty invites you to come and join in on the excitement too!! See you real soon!!

To meet Salty in Person find out when he will be here on our Events Page

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