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9 Best Mini Golf Courses in Myrtle Beach

Who would have guessed that South Carolina is home to the mini golf capital of the world? A glance at the map will show that the Myrtle Beach area is overflowing with miniature golf courses. 

So when you aren’t hanging at the beach, shopping along the Grand Strand, or relaxing by the pool at hotel BLUE, you can work on your hole-in-one in a Jurassic-themed fun zone or at an interactive shipwreck. 

These are eight of the best mini golf courses in Myrtle Beach!


1. Mt. Atlanticus Minotaur Goff

Photo Credit: staveitoff via Flickr CC2.0

As the name suggests, Mt. Atlanticus Minotaur Goff is designed to look like the lost city of Atlantis, with countless water features and island vibes to help tie it all together. There are two courses, each offering unique views and challenges. Work through mazes, stand under waterfalls, and stand atop various golf huts that offer amazing views of the Atlantic Ocean. The putt-putt holes are only half of the fun!

When you’re done, try your hand at the legendary 19th hole for a chance to win a lifetime membership and some serious bragging rights!


2. Captain Hook's Adventure Golf

Photo Credit: angyarok via Flickr CC2.0

One of four themed golf courses in the Myrtle Beach Family Golf series, Captain Hook’s Adventure Golf is the perfect combination of family fun and friendly competition. 

You will experience some challenging holes as you navigate scenes from the famous Disney movie Peter Pan. Explore Never-Never Land with the Lost Boys, step aboard Captain Hook’s iconic pirate ship, and dare to wander into Skull Cave for a chance to earn an impressive hole-in-one.

The two courses even stay open until 11 PM (depending on the season), so plan a nighttime visit to help add to the magic!


3. Treasure Island Mini Golf

Photo Credit: Treasure Island Golf

Another miniature golf course themed after a famous film, Treasure Island Mini Golf, is one of the best miniature golf courses in Myrtle Beach. Golfers can enjoy a challenging golf course while marveling at the spot-on impression of the Stevenson classic. 

The many incredible special effects are just an added bonus. Feel the thrill as sound effects accompany your hole-in-one, and visual effects keep everyone on their toes. Treasure Island Mini Golf is all about the experience!


4. Cancun Lagoon Adventure Golf

Photo Credit: beastlycharizard13

Cancun Lagoon Adventure Golf first opened its doors back in 2003, and it has been a hit ever since. Part of what draws people to this place is probably the massive, 50-foot Mayan Pyramid that you can spot from the highway, but the courses are what really have people coming back for more. There are 27 holes broken down into groups of nine so that you can experience three different courses.

Get up close and personal with the massive pyramid, check out some hieroglyphs, and witness a lighting show. Don’t forget to look online before booking for one of their many coupons!


5. Jurassic Mini Golf

Photo Credit: Thomas Gray

Another gem of the Myrtle Beach Family Golf series, Jurassic Mini Golf, is just as cool as it sounds. This golf course is one of the few dinosaur-themed options on Myrtle Beach and is one of the only options where the dinosaurs actually move! The animatronics make the course that much more exciting, and the massive T-Rex is a fan favorite.

Be sure to read all of the way signs to learn more about all the different dinosaurs you are seeing throughout your game!


6. Shipwreck Island Adventure Golf

Photo Credit: Misty Mancilla

Shipwreck Island Adventure Golf does a wonderful job at bringing their story to life. Upon arrival, you will get the sense that you have just stumbled upon a mysterious shipwreck, and every hole will take you deeper into the storyline. Navigate around sharks, admire waterfalls, and keep your eye out for the crew’s missing treasure!

This themed putt-putt course offers just enough effects to keep things interesting without taking away from the overall purpose of the game – to get that hole-in-one!


7. Spy Glass Mini Golf

Photo Credit: Larry Sims

Established back in 1993, it is safe to say that Spy Glass Mini Golf has been around the block. This famous mini golf course has held its place as one of the best options in Myrtle Beach, and it’s not hard to see why. Spy Glass has everything you could want in a mini golf experience, including multiple 18-hole courses, caves, waterfalls, special effects, and pirate ships!

Plus, nighttime hours make this the perfect place for a date night!


8. Jungle Safari Golf

Photo Credit: D Smith

When you think of miniature golf, you often think of pirate ships and dinosaurs, but do you ever think of life-size giraffes? Jungle Safari Golf offers a unique experience that makes you feel like you are navigating your way through a savanna. 

It’s every putter for themselves as you zigzag around giraffes, zebras, elephants, and the “King of the Jungle”! You’ll get to cross bridges over rushing creeks and get up close to waterfalls that may or may not have an animal lurking about.

Go before 6 PM for a discounted rate, or snag one of the online coupons before paying for your adventure in person. Two courses mean twice the fun!


9. Red Dragon Cove Adventure Golf

Photo Credit: Byan Colvard

Red Dragon Cove Adventure Golf may be one of the newest miniature golf establishments in Myrtle Beach, but this pirate-themed course is quickly making a name for itself. Unlike other pirate-themed mini golf options, Red Dragon has an Asian twist that can be seen all throughout its two 18-hole courses. There are mountains, bamboo jungles, and, of course, a dragon. You’ll also enjoy classics like the pirate ship, waterfalls, and mysterious caverns.

When you are done, stop at one of the many vending machines for a frozen treat! 


It's Putt-Putt Time in Myrtle Beach

With countless Myrtle Beach mini golf courses to choose from, you are bound to find yourself playing a round of miniature golf on your beachside vacation. So grab a putter and argue over who gets the blue mini-golf ball because the competition is on! Whether you are bringing the whole family, just hanging with friends, or bonding with your significant other, putt-putt golf is a hit every time!

Book your stay at hotel BLUE Beachfront Resort today!

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